I get a lot of questions about the Tombstone Trail rules from people all over the country who would like to put on a similar event. Here's an archive of some rules from some previous years. All Tombstone Trail contestants should be familiar with these instructions.


The Tombstone Trail is not a race. In fact, if you get a speeding ticket, or any other violation, or if the rallymaster has any evidence that you were driving in a manner that would make this event no longer welcomed by the community, you'll be disqualified. If you do it a second time, we'll ask you to not come back ever again.

Classes and Seeding

You compete against people with similar experience to your own. We've got a seeding list that shows you what class you'll run in if you enter. You run in the class for the highest seeded person on the team. Currently defined classes are:

Class A - One or more people on the A seeding list
Class B - One or more people on the B seeding list
Class C - All others who have run the Tombstone Trail but are not on the seeding list
Class D - People running their first Tombstone Trail
Class AA - For people on the A seeding list with more than 2 people in the car
Class G - The class for "GPS" or "Anything Goes". Class G teams are given GPS waypoints to the cemeteries and are allowed to use information prepared in advance.
Class 0 - For people who run just for fun. In class 0, no scoring is done and no trophies are awarded (other than for the best costume).

Two People per Team

Any team with more than 2 adults in the car (adults being 12 or older), will be bumped up a class. There will be a class AA for those teams being bumped from class A.

Only two people are allowed out of the car at any time. Any other passengers are allowed to look at the maps or instructions, but can't get out of the car. You can switch off among people, but you can't let more than two people out of the car, even at different locations. If we find out you do so, you'll be disqualified.

We'll make an exception for children too young to read, because they aren't really helpful, but sometimes families like to run together. If you have young children who you'd like to bring along, contact the rallymaster and he'll grant you an exception.

GPS Navigation and Other Aids

You may use GPS navigation in addition to the provided maps. Computers, cell phones and other mobile devices are NOT allowed to be used for anything except GPS navigation. You may NOT use anything you've prepared in advance (pictures, cemetery rosters, Internet research, GPS waypoints from previous years, etc.). Classes G and 0 are exempt from this paragraph and may use anything prepared in advance.

The Primary Rule

Oh, yeah. The most important rule: Have fun!


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